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We are back in business, or so it seems!

I am going to try writing on the blog site. Last week+ it kept going into a loop after a sentence or so. So let's see...

So much has happened since the last blog. he weather is super warm, not quite normal. Our favorite seafood restaurant: La Traina, has been permanently closed. We are sad about that, their sangria was the best in town. We just loved the waitress too. Very nice spaniard that kept talking to me in spanish, even knowing that I didn't understand very well! I just loved her. Adios!!!

This week we took a walk in town to go see murals, it was very nice

We then walked to a small café for a beer. That day I did achieve more than 10,000 steps. Here I walk 6,000 steps/day without going very far.( that is on rainy days)

Tuesday we took the city bus to a small village in the mountain, approximately 15 minutes from Fuengirola. It is beautiful. There isn't much to do, other than walk up and down the little streets, but everyone loves it up there. Here are some pictures:

When you stand on the path looking out to the sea, it is built ,in some part, over a gorge. The rock climber that you see, is climbing under us.

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, I went to mass at a little chapel with JP and Basil, two priest friend of mine. they had the most beautiful black virgin

Well Jim is waiting for me, we are going for our morning walk. It seems to me that the blog site is working fine to me! Again if there is any questions or request just ask!


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Ruth Trottier
Ruth Trottier
Feb 15

I'm glad you posted the second photo of the climber. I thought the first was a colourful bat - lol. Now I hope I can post this comment. Last time it wanted me to jump through hoops that I didn't have time to do. Had to reset my password to post this one.

Feb 15
Replying to
  • It does funny things sometimes,but it is mostly ok, you can always just comment on my facebook page too

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