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Day two! Getting better

Around one corner of the street we lived on was an African corner park. We did not stay long, we were the only white people. But around another corner was the neatest little restaurant where we had breakfast both mornings. Delicious and healthy, some what.

We left after breakfast to walk to the Prado museum. Down the hill was easy enough. We had a 10h30 am pass. The Prado is the ultimate museum! Rembrandt was always a favorite of mine. I wanted to imitate his style when I was young. Sorry we were not allowed pictures. I was surprised by Goya's work. It was a much ''looser'' style than what I remembered. One of our favorite exhibition was the Dauphin's collection (as in Louis the 14th's son inheritance) a whole room of stone cut crystal vase decorated with precious stones and gold and silver....So beautiful.

STepping out of the museum after hours of visit, we saw Chris, Marlene's good friend that was on his way back home. He had the day in Madrid, we did not know. It was a shock to see someone you know when you do not expect it!

We took a cab back to the apartment. Yes I know I said the 3 letter word, one we rarely use in this We got dropped off at the Plaza mayor. The cab driver was Colombian. We actually, to my surprise, had quite the conversation. I am getting better I guess. So we visited the other side of the Plaza. It is a much better neighborhood. It also is in the direction of the castle, it was on tomorrow's schedule but we were curious to see how far it was from the Plaza Mayor etc. We came back to the studio for an afternoon nap. Our friends Scott and Elke, were also in Madrid we tried to get together but Scott was sick with a head cold. But the suggested a chinese restaurant. We decided to go there for supper. The name of the restaurant is ''Han'' calle de bordadores,4 Madrid. The food was out of this world! I mean it! Every bite took us to a different height. We decided there and then, we were coming back for lunch the next day before going back home. And we did lol.

Looks pretty normal doesn't ? But the taste was amazing. After our supper we walked slowly back to the studio. On one of the street we had to use. There was a restaurant with ''1920's'' signs. I loved it. I visited some churches of course. Here is a sample of it all.

The next morning, after breakfast we walked to the baroque royal palace. Oh my gosh!! I will reserve tomorrow's blog for that one. I have to screen through my pictures. It was so beautiful, but I took way too many pictures!! I know it took a long time between my blog last week. But i cannot do this on my phone and I do not travel with my laptop. But do not fret, I came back with loads to show and chat about. Hasta manana chicos... Con el castillo!

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