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Adios, muchachas,muchachos, Fuengirola, Andalucia

With the new ailment that hit me this year...Only insurance can alter our projects of coming back next year! We have not changed ouj reservation for the apartment, we will adjust has we come to an end, next year.

Here are a couple of things which i forgot last little while ago. The March17th party. We went to Bar Am for Indian food and a jazz show with you've guest it ! Constanza! her mother and father ere there. Tony was with Blanca, we all sat around to listened to her, and sing along.

it was a great cosy experience!

I also participated in one procession before my vascular incident it was Palm Sunday. The fun part here is that they use olive tree branches as well as Palm trees. I was looking for participating in more...

It was amazing!

That night we went to see ''grease'' they did a fantastic job! I had to finish the show by hiding one eye not to be dizzy. Walked home holding hands with Jim and Scott, with one eyed closed. Took My medication for vertigo and went to bed!

The last one ism of Scott screaming let me out of here, when he is outside obliviously!

That conclude just about my sojourn in Andalucia 2024. I woke up in the morning after10 hour sleep for more pills...I could not talk in english! Jim new there was something wrong with me. He took me to the hospital with the help of Marlene and JP. The rest is history. I might take a little break from writing my blog but I have a lot of change to do in the yard this year so lets together for that one, hopefully I will be able to write a little better than. Tonight is flamenco night at Vinea. We reserved for 6, leaving in the morning, not sure if we are happy or sad...

Hasta luego muchachas y muchachos, I will be home Saturday

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Linda Wilkinson
Linda Wilkinson
Apr 11

We are all looking forward to seeing you once again, Sylvia.

Apr 14
Replying to

thank you Linda, me too

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