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Third day is a winner!

Of course after the third day I was engrossed buy Madrid who wouldn't be we went for breakfast at the same restaurant, toasted bread with hummus, avocados and cherry tomatoes. with hippy coffee. the close up the apartment and went to the castle.we stopped, on the way for real coffee!

Even the pigeons find all they need from those restaurant corners. we wee not too far from the castle itself, We were lucky to be able to visit it. Our friends went i day before us and could not visit it due to important people visiting with the current king and queen. Here is a quick visit to the old chambers. the end displays the silverware they chose for every service.

Cathedral,which we were too tired to visit.

And so much more...

So many examples of grandor I had to skips some! But here are some of the stuff we've seen on the streets before ew left!

A little more.

Et pour mes amis JP et Basil

there was much more to sell to priest lol!

It would not be right not to tell you about my third leaving me space for the blog opened...Stroke!! However small as it was! those will be the last of Fuengirola I will write this year....

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Linda Wilkinson
Linda Wilkinson
Apr 05

Good morning Sylvia. I hope you are feeling better by now. Your blog is so interesting. I just read a novel about Rome and one of the main characters was Emperor Trajan. What a coincidence that you saw a mural with him in it. He was a soldier's warrior and well like by all. the castle was so ornate and grandiose. Such a difference between the royalty and peasants , like most countries back then. When do come back home?

Apr 07
Replying to

i come back on april 14,15 if back by 15, will go on the16th but at my own pace. of course if not i see you on the 18th, always at my own pace though.

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