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Rejoice o people of little faith-coming home 10 days early

not even 10 more like 9 days because this trip will take us 30 hours to get home. Thirty hours including a 15 hours wait time in Dublin airport. o yeah! Not! I t has been quite the trip. With all the joy and beauty we were surrounded with, thank goodness, I had a very difficult emotional time. Leaving my little sister in Montreal knowing I might never see her again was a hard one. Not knowing if you are doing the right thing or not. Leaving knowing that another person close to my heart schedule to come for a visit was diagnose with cancer and could not come which was sad enough, knowing that she wold be going through hell. My little sister getting worse, trying to figure out if I should take a flight to Montreal for a week. Dates available were March 10 to 16. I would have been coming back with my best friend for her visit. I hummed and hawed about it for a while. Something was telling me not to buy tickets, but I felt broken. As you know my little sister passed away on the 8. Too late. Hard to swallow. And then this. Of course my friend Danielle had to cancel, and I am glad she did. Now I am very upset with the Air companies, we tried earlier but the flight we paid 1,060$ for return trip were for sale for over 3,600$ for the economy seats. Could not change our tickets with Air Canada to an earlier date. I am really upset with all of this. There was plenty of more expensive seats that they would not give to their costumers for an exchange with an expensive seat God forbids. Let's make money with this. I was so happy with Amazon, EBAY and Kijiji for blocking anyone selling sanitizer and toilet paper and other necessary items for survival. They deserve to be stock with all of their booty. Shame on them for taking advantage of such a situation. It is modern piratery. We will have to be quarantined 14 days when we get home and frankly I might need it for emotional healing. SO! We spent $4,000.00 for a one way ticket home.

One very touching event though happened at 8 pm yesterday and tonight. Thanks to the internet, the Spaniards arranged a thank you event for all the medical workers. At 8 everyone steps out on their balcony and applaud their efforts in this crisis. Lights are flashing people are whistling and tonight someone was playing the national anthem. It is overwhelming. So, so long Fuengirola, I will see you next year, hopefully.

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