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Last night Jim and I had a great supper at La Casa Pasta (Italian restaurant). We had delicious pasta mine was seafood in wine sauce and Jim's were little ''purses'' filled with pear and cheese in a three cheese sauce. Jim had wine and we shared a dessert the bill came to $60.00 canadian. Today, we did the real groceries We have 6 meals, chicken porc and shrimps, everything I need for accompaniment for $120.00 cdn. Boy I like the prices around here. We will be in shock when we go back, for sure.

Last night we had quite a bit of rain. La Costa Del Sol is in great need of water. The beach showers have been closed and they cut off the water between midnight and 7 am. To try a preserve the bit that is left in the reservoirs. It has not bothered us, and we try to do our part. Today was supposed to be a rainy day, but we were out on the beach in the sun.

We are trying to get back to a decent schedule, we are getting there.

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