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Marbella the beautiful - Feb 19, 2020

Marbella is another neighboring town along the Costa Del Sol at the foot of the Sierra Blanca Mountains. The bus ride is between 30 and 40 minutes on the direct bus. We visited the old and historic part of town. The presence of early Romans are still felt with the ruins and an ancient city wall. The moors' era is still present in its architecture. Every corner is breath taking with all is charms.

In 1485 the town fell into the hands of the crown of Castile. After the first worldwar it counted 900 inhabitant, in the 40s and 50s Marbella attracted Europeans looking to spend their summer on the sea.

The cost of living is therefor higher than Fuengirola. It has 27 km of coastline. by the way I was in the sea up to my knees this week it felt really good. I don't dare showing more pictures of the sea but I do not tire of its beautiful site

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