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About one hour drive from Fuengirola, just past Malaga, there is a town called Frigiliana. We took a bus tour today. It is magnificent. It is situated in the Eastern part of the Axarquia region, in the foothills of the Almijara mountain range of the SIerras de Tejeda y Almijara Nature Park. (from Lux Mundi's newsletter). It is a labyrinth of steep and narrow cobbled stone streets, lined with whitewashed houses. It is said to be best visited by foot. But it is not for everybody. At some point Jim and I were climbing stairs/streets for I'd say half an hour, before we found the Mirador restaurant.

No, that last picture was not the climb yet! These are the climbing pictures

And we were not done yet lol.

We had a coffee and a glass of wine. We were hungry but, the higher the restaurant the higher the prices. We are cheap travellers, lol, so we went back down the hill for a meal. In the third picture, you can see that the washrooms was actually built around the rock. One thing I have never told you is that I am photographing washrooms everywhere we go. I'd like to make a washroom book someday. They are not like at home, all the same, it is fun to discover the differences. Anyway I do not know when, but it will be done. This one is for the book for sure. We actually had Polish food. The menu was in Spanish, English and Polish. It was very good. Then on our stroll down the hill, we found a little restaurant were you could sample wine and food. The little glasses of wine were 1eu each or 1.5 euro with a tapa.


It was just perfect!!!!

The same journey, took us to a beach town called Torrox. It had a different feel than Fuengirola. We were hot so we stopped for artisanal ice cream. I didn't think I cod eat it all but yep, we did. Good thing we had been climbing all those stairs. ;)

We got back to Fuengirola at 6pm, pooped but happy!

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