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Andalusia day! Viva Espana!

February 28 is Andalusia Day. There is a few events to enjoy In Fuengirola. An orchestra plays Andalusian music at noon on the Plaza St-Raphael. The town builds a stage and places 100s chairs for the public. I have made videos of all I describe but it is almost impossible to upload. The files are too big.

the Andalusian flag's colors are green-white-green. We than went to a little street called Fransisco Cano. it is a small street studded with little restaurants/bars. There is again classic guitar and dancers, decorated streets and children's activities of all kinds. The street is full of families celebrating their region. It is a treat to be part of it.

Some parents dress their kids in Flamenco dresses and or green flowers n their hair, or a green scarf around their neck. It is a question of pride in their inheritance.

We had delicious tapas at 2 euro/each and a glass of wine for 14 euros. $21.00 canadian. Not bad I'd say!

My brother and sister in law are coming back to stay with for three days, then we will enjoy 4 days before all my company is coming. That is when the party will really start. I'll be back with more to enjoy. Hasta luego!

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