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A little salsa with that? YES why not!

We have found, actually it was Marlene who has found it, this little gem of a restaurant/bar. It is a cuban bar; Buddy's gastro and cocktail bar, along the in Torreblanca. Very reasonably priced and good food. We ate and drank all night for a mere 100 euros.

Saturdays there is live entertainment, cuban salsa music. We loved it. You can dance to the rhythm. It attracts many salsa dancers from the region. Even the staff, if not too busy, will up and dance with us.

I am looking forward to bringing my sister and cousins for a great dance night. They are coming in March.

The city of Fuengirola had a decoration contest for the local businesses. For Valentine's day. DUe to the high winds, it was not as populare has usual. But there was stages built and chairs delivered by the city workers.

I had our good friend JP for a rabbit supper for valentine's day. All our family and friends were out of town. JP said it was the first time he was ask for a valentine's dinner. I have to add that JP is a priest. LOL

Actually I went with him on Sunday to mass. A gorgeous little church Parroquia de Nuestra Señora del Rosario. it is in a beautiful square called la plaza de la constitucion.

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