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Windy you say!

This is what the sea usually looks like. Last couple of days we had wind storms with 50 to km/h wind. The air is not cold per say, but we all now what wind factor means.

We are in for it for another 24 hours. It is hard to sleep at night with the shutters Banging and the wind whistling. We need to keep them down all day, otherwise the wind bursts open the windows. The wind still seeps in though.

Those pictures do not look so bad, but the police has taped all entrances to the beach. Last two days we had many surfers, but today they are not allowed in the water. There has been reports of 5 meters (15 feet) waves. The first picture is from yesterday. People were still allowed to walk on the pier.

Here are two pictures of the same spot a couple of days ago and today.

The city workers are very rapid at cleaning the streets and beaches. This bin is for a small portion of the beach which is enclosed between the îer and the marina. We didn't want to walk further to the open beach, we were getting sandblasted lol. I imagine it must have been way worst.

We had a great sea bass (lubina in spanish) supper at the apartment with Bill, Paula, Marlene, jim & I. Our good friend JP Rochefort just arrived in town so I invited him as well. We had a great time around the dining table. The guests brought dessert from the pastry shop. It was delicious.Sorry no pictures, I forgot.

Tonight we are going out to a restaurant Monaghans, for music dancing and maybe supper. I'll talk to you soon.

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