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When it pours lol

It is a little hard to see but it's been raining and so windy it kept me awake most of the night. The streets were running rivers. I know for you who have been in snow storms since I left, a day or two of rain in a month's worth is not something to write home about. ;)

Yesterday we went to an outdoor exhibition presented by the Prada museum. They were pictures of precious paintings. What I enjoy though was the fact that they all were described to us including the stories behind, what certain element meant in those days etc.

It also took us to a different end of town we hadn't been the previous four years. We left home at 10 am and came back around 3pm.

Sorry the sun was behind me, I am throwing shadows on everything lol. One thing I noticed, the way I hold the camera when I take pictures! I look like royalty drinking tea.

It was nice to discover different restaurants, we will need to go back and enjoy that end of town again.

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