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When it rains, it pours!!

Literally! It hadn't rain on the Costa del sol for over a year. We were here, and frankly it wasn't much rain then. The water supply for the coast is so low, they started cutting some services, like on the beach toilets and showers. In some areas the water supply is cutoff for the night.

Last couple of days we have had some rain. When it rains its a downpour. We do rejoice knowing it might help a little. But in our case....the ceiling in the spare room was leaking. We collected in a pail of 4 litres of rain water. that is not measuring the water that fell in my puzzle tray. I had bought a box of 4 puzzles the other day and started one. Well it is in the trash now. It was a gray cold day anyway so it became my cleaning day. No pictures for that one sorry.

It is still a little wet this afternoon. We are going Nancy ,Yves, Gina and I to a Abba cover band show tonight. It is a 25 minutes walk so crossing my fingers the rain stops for a few hours.

Hasta manana amigos

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