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What you forget

It is always a shock when we first get to Fuengirola in January. The sunrise is at 8 am. This will be earlier as time goes by. So by the time we leave in April, we forgot that bit of info. This year's apartment is the same as last year. We enjoyed it a lot last year so we renewed it. But we had bought all kinds of stuff to make it more comfy, like 2 lap blankets for the couch and so much more. Well nothing was left behind. No salt and pepper or any cleaning soaps. This situation is rare. Usually there a bit of left over goods here and there so you need to replenish as you use it. Mind you today we did the groceries which all soaps, dishes, shower gel, shampoo, toilet cleaner, javex, toilet paper (this one we had a roll left out for us, thank goodness ) basics in the kitchen and it came to $120.00 cdn total. Not bad at all. If you have any questions or comments please leave them but mention your name because you get a number assigned so I never know who left a message.

On this note Hasta la vista baby!

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Linda Wilkinson
Linda Wilkinson

Hi Sylvia-so glad you are there and getting settled in. I miss you in class with your bouncy steps and wonderful singing voice. Enjoy your time in Spain.

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