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I have been wanting to write a blog just on the washrooms in Spain ever since I walk in an extreme washroom 5 years ago. I didn't have my camera, so i went back with a camera a few days later, they had cleaned it all up.

You see, in Europe, there is still a lot of places with ancient pipes. SO the first thing you need to do when entering a washroom, is to look for the signs that tell you if you should flush the toilet paper or not. There are exceptions people!!!

That first toilet, in this cute little café, someone had a pretty bad case of diarrhea. They obeyed the signs that say please do not flush the toilet paper....You can imagine the mess the café workers had on their hands (I actually hope they were wearing gloves lol). They made signs in every language they new...''not shit'' ''no mierda'' etc... it was posted all over the now clean bathroom. I had a good laugh.

It made me think though, when we go to public toilets or restaurants at home, they basically all look the same. Well not around here they don't. Here are some examples.

There are some more sumptuous than others, I'll have go through 6 years of pictures to find the others I was building, or so I thought, a whole file. Many of the washrooms have an automatic light that comes on and off automatically. The problem is they turn themselves off as well and a lot of time you are not quite done!!!! I have found myself in dark washroom in more than one occasion. You just have to wave your arms in the air to get them to light up again.

Another thing that we often see is the sink is out of the room, in the corridor, to be used by all. Male, female or other. Saves on installation. They sometimes use the washrooms as a storage unit for extra chairs and/or cleaning equipment. Sometimes they still have a water tank high on the wall with a pulling cord you see that in the older neighborhood only. I can count on my fingers washrooms with multiple stalls like we have in Canada. I'll be back with more pictures eventually. In Spain I have yet to see an old french style ''pedal'' washroom.

As you can see there is much to say about nothing.

Hasta la manana, amigos!

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Linda Wilkinson
Linda Wilkinson
Jan 27

Sounds like Mexico , Sylvia!! We have seen many changes over the years in the Banyos there. Interesting how they are either improved or NOT!!

Jan 27
Replying to

It is interesting.

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