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walk, coffee shop, walk on the beach, walk to party repeat!!

A lot of our days are a repetition of the great day we had the day before. We have even more friends with us, Scott and Elke, Tony and Blanca and finally Chris a friend of Marlen.Just sitting at a restaurant sipping, it is not rare that of our friends and family will show up and pull up a chair. It is pretty neat. I went to Benalmadena with my sister last Monday. Just walking around and enjoying the day.

Tuesday was a beach day, Tuesday night we all went to the Casa Rustica restaurant for Marlene's birthday. We had a great time. We were actually a little rowdy for that classy restaurant, but they didn't seem to mind. We had fun and they said happy birthday to Marlene by serving us a free flute of prosecco to everyone of us. Wednesday my Spanish lesson in the morning,which I still enjoy. Thursday another beach day. The days are getting warmer everyday this week. I am at the point where I could be swimming, I think, the water is still quite cold but I had water up to my knees and I found it just great. I just didn't have my bathing suit on.

Friday we went to an Irish bar where every Friday ,musicians come and play music together. There was 16 of them with all kinds of instrument playing, we would call it a kitchen party in eastern Canada. It was great music but the clients were pretty much in a party mood, this being the Irish weekend.

Saturday, we walked the 3 km to where Nancy, Yves and Gina had rented a chair on the beach. It was a really hot walk. We stopped for a sangria on our way back home. Then, we had a quick fog roll-in because of the earth being so much warmer than the sea. It was MY first experience of it. Jim was used to this from his time living in Halifax. It felt so weird it is like the clouds are touching ground and advancing rapidly across the road and make everything disappear.

The fog didn't last. We were, Jim and I, invited for supper at Marlene for a delicious chicken meal and a card game.

Today is mass, and supper and a show.

Hasta luego!

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