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To market, to market to buy a.....

Saturdays are flea market days at the fair grounds, Tuesday are new merchandises and farmers market. I love going to the flea market one. I do not usually buy anything, but this time we found a folding table for the spare room and my sarong ( 3 Euros).

I love to see the old stuff, it is often time older than what we can find in Canada, and it is from all over Europe

These are from early 1900 dutch skates.

One of the vendors is there year after year, well most of them are. But that stall has recycling art like I've never seen at home. I will be sending pictures to my favorite artisans, in case it will inspire them. I just love it! Judge for yourselves:

This is my favorite vase.

I sometimes see recycling art, but you must admit this is also very ''chic'', to my taste anyway.

We than went to the marina for a beer and a walk on the beach. Perfect day really. This year the weather is a little warmer than usual. We are getting Mid-February temperatures in January, but who's to complained right?

Hasta la vista my friends!

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jan 21

How interesting, Sylvia. It looks like a place that I would love to go to.

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