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Those boots are ''NOT'' made for walking

Hi everyone,

Here starts another season in Fuengirola, Spain. We arrived 14 hours ago (Monday the 15 at 9:30 am).

We were drop off at the Montreal airport by my sister Gina, it was so busy we had to park in a funny spot and rush the suitcases out, not even time for a proper hug. So we rolled those suitcases in and walked up to the Air Transat counter. It is all done by you now, the suitcases registering etc. Other than the ''employee'' telling us to just read and answer the screen, in little bit of a screechy pitch, we did not talk to any human being until going through security. Has I am standing in line waiting for my turn to go through. I am thinking Goodness I am overly dressed, I am so hot. My feet in particular are burning. I look down to realize I had forgot to change footwear at the car. My shoes were in the checked-in suitcase. I had to wear those boots for the whole time. Terminal waiting time (4 + hours, plane was late departing), Flight (6 hours and 15 minutes) walking through the terminal until we retrieved our suitcases. My feet where swollen and blistery. We help newbies take the train to Fuengirola. After walking to the agency to get the keys, walking home, emptying our suitcases we went for tapas and canas before making a basic grocery run. 12 Euros for 5 plates and 3 small beers....Ahhh it feel so good to be in Spain again! I usually try to stay up till bedtime, but could not stay awake. I went to bed for a nap around 2 pm, to Wake up at 10 pm wondering why it was so dark for 10 in the morning lol. I hope to be able to sleep tonight. Tomorrow we have to fetch a lot of stuff. We bought quite a few necessities last year that are not in the apartment this year. I will try to take pictures (I need to remember to take them lol) and relate our three months to you the best I can.

I hope you enjoy reading me again this year, on my hand, it keeps me connected to you til we see each other again.

Ciao amigos, hasta luego.

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