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The year the Coronavirus paralysed the world

It had to happen! Today Spain was declared a state of emergency but the area that most of the cases were found in Madrid and North of Spain. Fuengirola (where we are) declared a special containment zone as coronavirus cases continue to rise. There are worst places to be beleive me! For one most spaniards have bidets so no fighting for toilet paper. Now that's a biggy. By the way, I don't recall the symptoms including diarrhea.

Activities are down to minimum, public venues and schools are closed for two a few weeks. My friend Danielle was supposed to come visit for two weeks on Tuesday. You've guessed it, she is not. I went and bought another puzzle today, got to give that husband of mine a break lol. We do not want to go home just yet, we couldn't anyway. All remaining tickets to Canada are selling for around $5,000.00 each. Not going to happen.

Do not worry about us, we still can go to the beach everyday, keeping distance with others. Groceries and restaurants are open for now. I'll keep you informed.

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