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Tea Party anyone?

Spring is my favourite season. I go in the garden a least twice a day watching plants grow. I find that in July all plants pale in the heat of the day. We are very lucky to have such a big backyard right downtown North Bay. We appreciated it even more this year with social distancing, we felt more free not confined to the house. We could still have a visitor here and there without endangering anyone.

Just a couple of weeks and the canvas is now established! (in the two sets of pictures, the first ones are from the same area)I have a few friends living alone and suffering from the lack of contact, so I had an idea of inviting them in my garden for lunch, keeping distances. We are all a careful bunch. My friend Yvonne said;''I will wear a dress, I miss dressing up'' So it gave me the idea of asking everyone to wear hats and gloves.

Of course it was a last minute decision, we did with what we had. I asked Jo-Anne to play the flute for us and after lunch I played guitar and we sang together. It was a wonderful afternoon, it was not something I often do.

I do not usually organize events or parties, or very rarely, I will never forget this one. I missed my friends, I miss ALL of my friends, but I had to keep it to 5. May be some day I will have another Tea Time party with all of my female friends this time. That is one of the things COVID did for us, make us appreciate every minutes we spend with love and friendship. (warning: people in the camera lens look closer than they really are lol)

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