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Sunday Strolls

In many European countries, Sundays are dedicated to families. Fuengirola is no exception. There is something festive about it. Walking down the busy boardwalk, families on the beach, kids playing in the sand and the sea. We love walking yp to the marina and have lunch and a beer, or just a sangria people watching.

When we stepped out of the apartment this morning on our way out, I noticed something particular:

This is a restaurant right across our building. Notice anything different? Look closely.

Here is a closeup:

Yes, they received their daily bread! I can't see this happening in many places, where you can be so trusty of your neighborhood to leave the bread outside their door for a few hours.

I've I ever told you about Fuengirola' s parrots population? They hide in nests made at the top of the palm trees you hear them, they can be very loud. Every once n a while you can catch a closer look at them. They are another charming side of Fuengirola.

Enough for day 3, hope you enjoy following us in our adventures. Till next time, don't hesitate to leave a question or a comment. I'll get back to you. Take care.

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