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Spain has been shot down - March 14, 2020

Wow! What a difference a day makes. Yesterday everything was great. Today we went to do our regular groceries, thank goodness we were very early. There was a line up outside the grocery store. People were buying stuff like crazy. There was no butter left. No problem with toilet paper, remember we have bidets. Coming back home we decided to go have breakfast on the water front and go buy our butter at the corner store. No problem they were well stocked. Jim asked me if I wanted to take a walk on the beach then or come back in the afternoon. I chose the lather. Well we came back at 1:30 pm and the beach was condemned, red flag flying entrances all barricaded as well as kids parks. This so sad. This is the one place you could sit and relax away from people. Most restaurants were still open. We went home thinking to go out again for supper.

In the mean time flights coming from other countries were turned around in the afternoon. Some people leaving Spain were stuck in the airport. We go out for food, all terraces were closed down by the police, no real choice were to have supper. Tomorrow probably everything but pharmacy and grocery stores will be closed for at least 15 days. We are taking it in stride for now by March 31st we will know how we really feel about this. But we bought enough groceries to last a couple weeks, all the important stuff.

wish us luck!

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Gina Antinozzi
Gina Antinozzi

Je suis triste, mais j'ai encore confiance. Le texte que tu as partagé venant du livre de Sylvia ( J,ai oublié son nom) l'a dit ça va passer comme c'est venu

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