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Not all is good in paradise lol

a little lunch on the porch. We have been here for 12 days now. We had rain today (Tuesday), a little in the morning then at night. I can live with that!

What is not so good is that I have visited my corner druggist almost every day. First it was my cough that I brought with me from home. Twice for the syrup, then I had cankles! Needed some diuretic. Sunday, I started a urinary infection, I was ok Monday, by the middle of the night I was peeing blood, so to the pharmacy we go again. so mi amigo (we are getting acquainted),helped me out ounce more. Between the cranberry pills and the diapers, I am good to go. I think. Today we are taking the train to Malaga. Malaga is a lovely town, there is much to see and do. We are accompanying our friends Marlene and Lisa on their first visit to Malaga. I'll tell you more bout it tomorrow. SO wish me luck with all my predicaments, may they be over for the rest of the two months!

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1 Comment

Jan 25, 2023

Omg...I wish you a speedy recovery. Not much fun when on holidays, or

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