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Never on a Sunday-February 12, 2020

Life in Spain is different in many little ways. For instance the days start late around here. The sun doesn't rise before 8 am. Coffee shops open mostly around 9:30 am. Now on Sundays most shops and grocery stores are closed. Smart of my husband to suggest we go visit a new town on a Sunday, the shops looked very tempting alas!

We arrived in Benalmadena by train. A very charming little town 15 minutes from us on the Costa del Sol. The town is built on the side of a mountain with the mediterranean sea at its foot. There was an exhibition of the civil war and Dr Norman Bethune's work to help citizen. He is a Canadian doctor that worked in Montreal at the Royal Victoria. I didn't know him and/or his global work(read about it), Jim did know of his work in China but not in Spain.

We visited the town our way down to the sea. They have a gorgeous botanical garden. The funny part is that chickens and roosters roam the gardens freely. They also housed an impressive cement skate board park. After a great late afternoon lunch we took the bus back home. This way you do not need to climb back to the train station.

Tuesday February 11 at 9:30 in the morning the moon was big and clear, the photo doesn't quite translate the beauty of the moment.

I promised you to take pictures of the fish counter at the grocery store. This is not a fish market it is a corner grocery store's fish counter.

So much choice! Some fish I have no clue what kind it is ! Hasta luego amigos mios

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