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Mijas-February 23, 2020

Today, Sunday, we took the short bus ride up to Mijas. The town is nestled in the mountain 1,476 feet above sea level. Like many towns around the Mediterranean its houses are mainly white. Its history starts in prehistory times, it has changed hands many times. It has a lot of charm. Today unbeknownst to us they were celebrating Carnival has lent start this coming Wednesday. As we exited the bus we heard the parade, we quickly climbed up the stairs (many stairs, couldn't count them). We arrived at the start of it. I first noticed many kids were part of the parade all dressed in different costume and throwing paper confetti into the crowd. Than some of the floats were throwing super long streamers of all colors way high in the air getting caught up in the trees and falling to the ground. All kids in town were disguised (somewhat like our Halloween costumes) trying to get showered by the confetti and catching as many streamers as they could. A little bit like collecting the necklaces in New Orleans. It was so joyous. The parade went on for more than an hour all the streets were littered with all this. Jim and I went for a lunch and came out as they were cleaning the streets.

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