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Mijas... a week later-March 1st 2020

Hi everyone, so much happened this week, including the arrival of our good friend Ruth to spend two weeks with us. Before we go on a side trip to Cordoba (4-5 March) we spent time around our neighbourhood and today Mijas. Know that you ever visit us in Fuengirola we will take you there! It is such a special little village.

Good seafood is plenty of course! I had my two feet in the sea and I am thinking to try swimming the week. Ruth is enjoying herself and we enjoy having her around. But this week has been a difficult week emotionally as my little sister has been battling cancer for 15 months none stop and his having a really rough time right now. It is hard to be away from her.

I am planning to visit her in Montreal as soon as I can. Her and her fiancé need our toughts and prayers.

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