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Let's boogie!

Friday night, we went to the Salon Variétés theatre. It is an English language show theatre. They present musicals, music bands and plays. The price is always reasonable 16E or 24$cdn.

This time was a band called boogie wonderland. it was mainly disco répertoire, a touch Mowtown and rock and roll.

We went with Marlene, Lisa and Bill. We, the girls, stood up for the whole show dancing around the seating area. It felt great. There are a few more shows I want to go to: Drag queen show, with Marlene only, a comedie called: it runs in the family and a musical: my fair lady.

Yesterday we visited Marlene, Lisa went back to Canada, poor soul, and a stroll on the boardwalk.

This morning Jim and I went for a coffee and a walk very early. The air is so nice, the atmosphere very calm. It is a day you just want to take in , breath in and remember. We love this place. It might not be paradise for everyone but it is for us.

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