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Let me tell you about...the birds and the bees!

Actually kidding, but I want to tell you about my evening last night. It all started with a carbonized quail. When you say the lemon slices with not so easy to achieve!

Yep it all happened in 45 minutes! Every year I have to burn at least one meal getting used to the ''celsius and convection'' oven. Lol. Needless to say Jim went out and got a roasted chicken to ''take away'' that's how you say take out in....tourists language.

We then walked to a restaurant called Vinea, just before the Yaramar hotel. They were advertising for a Flamenco show on Thursday night. They also have saxophonist on Fridays and just live music on Saturday. Hey Marlene, I am sure we can dance there too!!!

Well one year we had discovered a cute little taverna, that had flamenco shows. We loved going. Danielle you would remember it. To our great deception it was closed last year. We hadn't found an other place for the real, unchoreographed, dancing. Well the singer (owner) of the tavern was the singer last night.

I am having trouble uploading videos, but I have pictures:

It was a delight! We met people from everywhere! People were so delighted after the show, everyone were talking to each other. Here is a picture of the washroom, it was cute:

Now even more happened last nite. Two years ago, at the taverna, there was a lot of small flamenco paintings, I loved them all but one in particular struck my chords. I told Jim about it. Well he went back on his own and bought it. It was my anniversary gift. It is in my downstairs' washroom. Red polka dot flamenco shoes. I love it. The artist is spanish married to a french guy. her signature is R Goudot. Well, there was a small art exhibit in the restaurant adjacent room. It was from the same artist. She paints with a lot of emotions. Jim took the artist card which he placed on the table while ordering our drinks. The waitress comes to the table and says what are you doing with my card! Yes, you've guessed it. The artist was our waitress. One thing another we acquired another piece of art.

And yes it will fit in my suitcase, I might have to get rid of some clothes, but hey! We love it. We are going back there tonight to pay for it and take a picture with the artist. We also got the ball rolling for her. She sold three more paintings. The food sound really good, so the few people near us and visually pretty gourmet style. Next week, we will have supper there before the show. Of course we are going back!! Esâna por favor.....

Do you know the group ''gypsy kings''? They will be playing in Marbella next week....I love them.

Company is starting to arrive today, we are pretty excited about it. Oups! I got to go to my hula class, quite fun actually!


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Gina Antinozzi
Gina Antinozzi
Feb 02

Elle peint un peu comme toi! Ses cadres ressemblent aux miens! Burned quail ça c'est bon! Tu ne peux manger la peau 😂

Feb 03
Replying to

en fait la viande était un peu trop croustillante à notre goût lol

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