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Updated: Mar 17, 2023

If you go to the Mesquite for 815 am, you can visit the mesquite for free.

WHAT IS THE MESQUITE? You ask!. It is a building, mosque, that was built by the Moors. When Christianity won the war, it was so beautiful that they decided not to destroy it and turn it into a church. They still say mass every day. It is....yep that, breathtaking. We had an hour to spend in there. we went for breakfast at Starbucks. Coffee was not as good as other little coffee shops. Not much else was open and my cousin Yves, was craving Starbucks.

We then walked to the Alcazar. I am stopping here to explain the word Alcazar it comes from an arabic word al-qaṣr ‘the castle’. It is the reason you can find an Alcazar in many old cities in SPain.

While Jim was in line to buy the tickets, I met Bernard from Valencia. He worked in France, Pompignan to be exact. He was a brick maker.

Bernardo is 90 years old. He lost his wife last year. He was very talkative and full of questions. A real sweetheart. He was going to the Alcazar with his son (in line for tickets). We kept running into each other. It added to the visit.

The fortified castle with all it is moreish architecture so very nice, but what is fabulous is the gardens.

Lucie my cousin works and teaches for the Montreal botanical gardens. It was nice to exchange with her and we also had the chance, trough an Italian young woman, to chat with the chief gardener.

I hope you enjoyed our little side trip, we sure did. Two more trains and we are finally home! In Fuengirola of course.

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