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joys of summer

It has been almost two months since my last post. But I have been taking many pictures wanting to share with you all my garden's progression. It is my special place. It brings a lot of work but even more joy.

Between the flowers, the fruits and vegetables I am in the garden everyday. I make jams about every second day. I cannot go away for more than a couple of days at the time. But it is all worth it.

With the warmer summer I have been blessed with tons of fruits, lettuce cucumbers and zucchinis already. Here is a couple of before and after pictures from my cherry tree area confirming that all the work I put in there was worth it.

I LOVE wandering in the gardens and picking here and there. My blackcurrants have already produce quite a bit and there much more on the bush. Raspberry have just stated. And I discovered a new (to me) fruits in the family of the black berry but the colour of grapefruit. Me friend Cynthia says it comes from Alberta. I have no clue where it comes from. That part of the yard has been dug in and turned over so many time in the 18 years we've had the house. It could frankly have grown from a piece of root that finally made up enough to produce. Her are a few more flower pictures, enjoy!

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