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January 27, 2020-Gibraltar

Gibraltar! Actually the guide said we had it easy today no delay going through the customs in and out. The easiest borders we've ever crossed! Not always the same apparently. We loved it. For those who don't know this big rock is situated at the end of a Spaniard peninsula but belongs to England. We spent 5 glorious hours on Brittish soil. There is so much to see one cannot do it all in one day!

I first found this darling bérêt, or tam if you prefer. It just caught my eye. One advantage in these area (including Fuengirola) this is off season time. Everywhere you go you find deal at 50-75% off. I paid around $10.00 cdn for this one.

Yes pink wool and pearls. Not quite warm enough for -20 something, but I am planning to miss those for a couple of years anyway. There is many shops and restaurants of course. We visited a great museum in a building built on top of an ancient hammam or Turkish, covered the life of neanderthals living in the caves on Gibraltar Rock and more recent events. We then walk in an old cemetery. I know it sound weird but the grounds were so beautiful. Than a botanical garden. There was many types of cactus, I was surprised. The flowers are just starting to grow like birds of paradise, some flowers from the daisy family and flowered bushes. I could only imagine how pretty it is going to be in a few weeks from now. As we are walking the grounds we saw a sign for a wildlife conservation park. We saw quite a few species of monkeys, birds, turtles, bats and snakes. But our favorite was a lemur that accompanied us from the entrance door to the exit.

isn't he cute? We said goodbye and we only had an hour left to get back to the bus so we chose a nice pub where we had fish and chips and a chicken and mushroom pie for me with peas!

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