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January 21, 2020

We had good enough weather for a 3 hour walk today. The locals say it is never that cold but it is alright for us.

It is testing me though. Let me explain, as most of you know, I need to be active, create, solve or do. I can't remember when I changed, but I don't have the patience to simply breath anymore. I have to learn to slow down some more I know that much. I found this on Facebook today and it might be explaining a lot of why I have changed so much in the past few years:

That would explain why I have trouble reading a text to the end, take time to meditate, or take a long soak in a bubbly tub as I used to. I brought with me art supplies, books and I acquired a puzzle yesterday. I cannot concentrate long enough on any of them. I am hoping to change all that as we are here for 2.5 months. It should help me work on myself especially my boundaries. As I said in my Christmas card, the Spaniards don't know I am here yet! Walking everyday and visiting a couple of places a week should be helping the process. I'll let you know. Fuengirola certainly is a great place for it.

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