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It takes 6

Have you EVER travelled with 6 people? It is very different. First we were five girls. Thankfully Jim had Yves, my cousin, to complain about the girls. Oh and Yves did his share of bitching too.

So we left Fuengirola Friday morning for a 5 days side trip. Before meals of course, the whole 5 days transportation and lodging cost $345.00 canadian each. Thanks to Jim, my husband, the airbnbs he has chosen were perfect for our bunch. Big each our bathroom and in the middle of the old quarters in every one of them.

We first went to Ronda by bus . it is approximately 50 minutes. You first arrive in the newer part of town. Google discribes it as: ''Ronda is a mountaintop city in Spain’s Malaga province that’s set dramatically above a deep gorge. This gorge (El Tajo) separates the city’s circa-15th-century new town from its old town, dating to Moorish rule. Puente Nuevo, a stone bridge spanning the gorge, has a lookout offering views. New town’s Plaza de Toros, a legendary 18th-century bullring, is one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks.'' It is really breath taking our airbnb was sitting on the side of the gorge. our many balconies were looking out to the bridge. Actually more like hanging over the gorge. Lol.

Old Ronda is peppered with great gourmet restaurants and some not so great ones. We found one of those for lunch. Horrible food, Jardin de la Murella. The gazpacho was delicious but every thing else....

But at night we had better luck, finding the right restaurant for 6 different person with food intolerances including a vegan was quite the feat. We then walked around the old town under a different light. It was beautiful.

In the morning we left Ronda for Sevilla. The valley was a little foggy so mysterious.

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