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Hasta el proximo ano Fuengirola!

Happy 60th birthday Scott! We had a great evening, our last get together before coming home.

Jim and I calculated that we were responsible for 28 Canadians visiting Fuengirola this year. The most we had at the table was 14. Canadians are invading the place yikes!

It was really nice to be able to share trips and experiences with everyone. Most of the guests enjoyed their stay and want to come back.

We spent the last week just enjoying the beach, for daily strolls and figuring what we wanted to bring home with us. Actually 8 of us went to see ''My Fair lady'' the musical at the Salon de varietés theater. It was an amazing 3+ hour show. Costumes were great the lead singers fantastic. Well we will see you next year Fuengirola! We told the ladies at the pandaria (bakery) that we were leaving coming back next year and we got hugs and free pastries.

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Gina Antinozzi
Gina Antinozzi

I miss it so much already!

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