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Hard to say something everyday

When I said groceries were way cheaper, here is 60 euros worth, which comes to $84 cdn. Notice a bottle of rhum, a bottle of Lemoncello, two bottle of wine,4 diferent cheeses oh and meat (rabbit and chiken).

I am sorry for not writing everyday, we have a boring life of sunshine and beach walks everyday. We go to the corner pastry shop for coffee etc. We did welcome a friend and her friend 3 days ago. We went grocery shopping with them to get them oriented. We all went to Mijas for the day yesterday

Mijas is a small village nestled up in the mountain, we hop on a city bus and a5 minutes later we arrive. It is a very typical old Spanish village with everything it entails.

We love going there for a visit. If you want to buy a beautiful leather jacket, it is the place. This month everything is 70% off. You can get any color at dirt prices.

Today we took it easy, just walked to and on the beach. The water is cold but you somewhat get used to it after a bit.

It is our fourth time to Fuengirola, so it is harder to blog about it. We already reserved this apartment for next year. We had to do three months so January 12 til April12.

Prices have gone up this year again but we were able to get our apartment for 1,070 EUROS/MONTH. That is around $1500 cdn.

Not bad at all for what we get! Please don't hesitate to share this blog and leave comments.

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