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Grenada the splendid

Well right after my sister arrived, she had to deal with all kinds of issues. Including finding out on her last­ morning in Malaga, leaving for Benalmadina that her month and a half reservation was no good anymore. The landlord, thru VRBO, cancelled claiming an emergency! VRBO, to date, did their best to find her some accommodations, but she moved in with us for a couple of days . She now has a place of her own, and seem very happy with it. She moved in her apartment on Sunday and we were leaving for Grenada Monday morning.

We grab the 6:40 am train to Malaga(Maria Zambrano) were you can connect to other trains and/or a bus some where. We grabbed the 8 am bus to Grenada. We then grabbed the city bus #33 to the airbnb we had reserved. I don't know why we didn't take pictures of it. It was nice spacious (could sleep 6) and very clean. Situated right in the old quarters. We walked around had food and drinks and walked some more. Visited the cathedral

At the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, is this charming town of approx 232,000 people. It is the most northern region of Andalusia. The Moorish era is strongly felt. I love to see all those architectural influenced buildings and streets. Its name comes from either the pomegranate fruit (grenada in spanish), which is plentiful in that area. or a deviation of the Moorish name Karnattah (Gharnatah).

It is dominated by a fortress complex called the Alhambra, comprising a couple of royal palaces,

patios, reflecting pools. Endless flowers and trees gardens and an important vegetable garden. It is a very full day, we left the apartment at 9 am came back at 5pm and did not visit it all.

We had such a great time that night at the ''La Garrocha Taberna'' The food was excellant, the service done with class and laughter! We all had different food. We stopped for Irish coffees and desserts on our way home.

WE were served free tapas in every restaurants, and this one we were served some free alcoholic drink as a thank you.

All in all we loved our stay in Grenada, I would go back in a flash. Tomorrow I have another day trip to Soportujar or the witches village with My good friend Marlene. They are calling for rain but we will see....

Until tomorrow's adventure...

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