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Full Day and it's not even 1 pm!

Every once in a while we go for english breakfast. I should have taken a picture when my plate was full. the bacon is more like a back bacon, there was mushrooms and a stewed tomato. Sorry but it so unappetizing to me. When you get beans it is the ''english'' way. The beans always are the Heinz in tomato sauce kind of beans. They are ok but I miss the good old Canadian brown beans.

This morning after a copious breakfast, walked to the market again, on Tuesdays it is the new stuff. Jim needed a belt, I needed new leather gloves ( $12 cdn, yes please) I bought a beautiful shocking pink, but I still need a red pair.

On Tuesdays there is a lot of fruit and vegetable stalls, also dry goods as in olives, raisins etc. It is like spring here, the asparagus are almost done, but the strawberries are out. I paid 1.5 euro($2.25) for 1 kg (2 pounds) they are so tasty.

After coming back from the market, we took a walk to a little courtyard were there are a few restaurants, so good, reasonable and welcoming. We had a wood oven baked pizza, one beer and one fizzy water for 10 euros. It was delicious. Now we are back at the apartment. Last night we went for the social dance classes (Jim came and watch lol) we met Eric and Catleen (Irish couple) . They were very nice, we had quite a chat before walking home. On Wednesday night 5:30 til 7pm, there is dancing without instruction. I might get Jim to dance. We will see....

Gracias por leer me blog...Hasta pronto

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