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First mornings are full of surprises

The way we like to travel is sure to bring surprises along the way. We need to be flexible in so many ways. We need to adapt to our new environment. This toaster is a great example! firstly in has an alarm every minute or so, even though the bread is not ready it actually takes 5 alarms a side. We went to the pastry shop for toastada con tomate, much better anyway.

The nice surprise was the view from my bedroom window. The weather is fair, we are getting 20degrees in the sun. Mornings are a cool 10 degrees. It feel like our springtime.

It is snowing pretty hard in North Bay, it is good to have our feet in the sand! Did our first grocery today ( aka buy everything in sight grocery). We managed to spend a big $140.00 cdn. The difference in grocery bills is amazing.

Jim went to watch the soccer games at the pub. When the Manchester United team scored, I could hear them scream in excitement, sitting on our balcony . Made supper at the apartment, the first time is always interesting, trying to figure out how the stove top works, or doesn't work. What tools are available. A pair of oven mitts would be nice, I'll have to get some soon.

We are finally home for the evening. Or yeah another surprise, for the first time in all the years we have been coming to Fuengirola, this tv only has Spanish channels. Computer is the new way lol

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