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first for me ''I cooked calimari''Feb 01,2020

I know, big deal right? Not that hard right? yes it is very simple my first time though. I didn't know what to expect. They are readily available fresh at the grocery store. If I remember Monday, I will take a picture of the fish counter. I did get a surprise as I am cleaning the fish. It apparently ate 2 little fishes just before being cut. This what I pulled from the calimari

We are very happy with the weather and the slow life we are living here. I keep myself pretty busy between our daily walks and cooking meals, I have been doing puzzles and creating art for a BRAVO-Centre project . Because it consist of miniatures I thought this was the perfect project to bring over.

Tomorrow, Sunday, we are walking to the other end of the town to the old castle for a visit and a fleamarket. Than walk halfway back for a lunch a the marina. Life is tough.

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