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Fiddle heads!

Here is stage 2 of my little patch under the cherry tree. We had five horrible, despicable snowy days. Yes May 7 till today. We had hard frost overnight. The cherry blossoms were not out yet I am crossing my fingers that we will get cherries this year. SO today was planting time for the hardy perennials. Some of my asparagus froze. We had one serving of fiddle heads a few days ago but they stopped right there and curl right back up.

After a full day's work in the garden I was rewarded with a full meal of fiddle heads. I love them. They grow in great number right here in my backyard. It is our spring special treat with butter and garlic.

I love spring it is my favourite season. I could literally watch the plants grow today, it always amazes me. This is another area that I have readied for summer. It is along the back fence. I moved things around quite a bit again this year. O yeah, I forgot to mention I have a jolly helper making holes in the grass looking for grubs, Rocky. He is NOT scared of us and is smart enough not to walk in our large trap. Jim was sitting in a chair with a peanut butter slice of bread, he came to him and took it off his hand!! Maybe we could get him addicted to the peanut butter and attract him in the cage with it? It might just work.

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