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Feeling at home already!

Another sunrise. Jim was already on his morning walk around 8 am. We are settled in our apartment. Went to a ''new'' to me gallery. Very nice local works. Met the curator and got a bit of information on some artist get together, which was always lacking for me. I'll keep you posted on that one. We did our basic walk 2 hours on the road, minus a coffee. Bought myself a puzzle. Forgot my camera, sorry. It is in the purse now. We bought tickets to two shows: The commitments(band) and the dark lady (play). There is an english theater about 20-30 minutes from the apartment. They put on really good shows. Tickets are only 20E = $30 cdn. It is worth every pennies, and it is something different to do.You cannot be three months in a country and just eat and visit!

Jim had is coffee at the corner pastry shop. The girls recognized him. They gave him a big hug and chatted a bit. Of course they asked where I was. (asleep was the answer). I tried to stay up late so I would sleep all night and be on Spain's hours. I think it worked. Looking forward to some of our family and friends coming in, it makes it all more enjoyable.

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Gina Antinozzi
Gina Antinozzi
18 de jan.

Je suis contente pour tes recherches de communauté artistique .Très bonne nouvelle!+


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