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Espana Por favor!!

Holà! Que tal? Yes I know I am supposed to double the exclamation points and question marks. I do not know where to find them on this keyboard. LOL

Just started Spanish lessons this morning. I am proud to report that I know much more than I thought!!

I am saying why not, it's an activity out of the apartment, keeps my brain in check. It is through an group called u3a Fuengirola. We meet at the La Nave restaurant, buy a drink and that's all we need to be able to meet there for an hour. It's another thing I like in SPain. Being able to monopolize a table for ''almost'' as long as you want without re-ordering anything.

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1 Comment

Linda Wilkinson
Linda Wilkinson
Jan 24

Wonderful you again, Sylvia!! It's nice to keep busy.

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