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Because walking 2-4 hours a day is NOT enough!

For a good start on your day a Toastada con Tomate. A café con lèché sin lactosa (this picture is for my friend Yvonne in particular). A little danish with that? I can't but you could!

As I sit down to write my blog, I am still drying from my walk. I got caught with a shower, a downpour to be exact. No, no picture sorry. You've seen a wet cat before, so just imagine. The other at the gallery I met a gentlemen who talked to me about an association in Fuengirola called U3A, university 3rd age. You can have a peak at u3a fuengirola. There are a multitude of activity for members (60E/year or 15 per 3 months) well I just started a Hula dancing class. Yes you read right Hula as in Hawaiian

! Here is a picture of us waiting to start. I didn't say we are young and beautiful, just young at heart. A little different than belly dancing but close enough! I have to get myself at sarong or hip scarf, I know I own a few but this one is noiseless. Not as much fun lol.

Amongst all they offer I might do line dancing and spanish. We will see. Tonight, we are going to try to go for a Flamenco show. I say try because it starts at 10 pm...We don't do evenings!! We are in bed by 10. SO I'll let you know what happened.

If there is anything you would like to know or see, just leave a message! Hasta luego baby!

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1 commentaire

Ruth Trottier
Ruth Trottier
19 janv.

Looking forward to learning the moves from you on zoom when you teach it to our exercise class.

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