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Beautiful beach day

I love watching kids play in the sea. Discovering all sorts of things, playing with the waves. Trying to make rivers, bridges, and castles. I did go in the water to my knees today. It is so much warmer than usual, they talked about it in the papers.

Yesterday after my washroom blog, I received an email with these two pictures from visitor # 2222(I can't always tell who writes me):

I immediately recognized the toilet signs from a restaurant across from la plaza del Merced. I also had those pictures, but they belong to another file ''washroom signs''. I have collected quite a few over the years. They are electronic and they actually ''pee''.

Yesterday, Jim and I went to a scandinavian restaurant and had reindeer meatballs and reindeer stew served on french fried. They would have called it a reindeer poutine in Canada. It was delicious and costed14E = $21 cdn. including a beer and a ''agua con gas''

I had pictures of our food. Where are they gone!!! I don not know how I do it but I am the champion when it comes to sending my pictures into cyber space. This week I am going to go dancing (ballroom and line) at an hotel near by. I am looking forward to it. I am going in an hour from now. It means that Ji, and I will have to eat supper more like Europeans. Dance finishes at 7 pm, I'll come home and cook.

Hasta la proxima todos

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Linda Wilkinson
Linda Wilkinson
29. Jan.

Your activities sound like so much fun, Sylvia. Wish I was there to join you. Reindeer poutine-wow that's different. However I would order the fries on the side as I'm not a huge fan of poutine. keep blogging as I really enjoy them.

Gefällt mir
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