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Aurevoir ma petite soeur, ma poupée - So long my sweetheart March 8, 2020

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Anna Antinozzi born September 20th, 1966. I was 10. I was so proud of my little sister, I just got myself a real doll. My mother's picture in here, show her, pregnant with Anna. I always said this picture shows my mother's flair for fashion, in her sewing and fabricating jewelry or decorating shoes and outfits. She just happens to be pregnant with my sister in this one. I always joked about, that Anna was influenced right then and there to create ''little kits'' when it came to her wardrobe.

When I was at home, I have always made her Halloween costumes, she would come back from getting her candies and tell me what she wanted to be next year. I actually would disguise her just for fun anytime during the year. I also would organize birthday parties for her. I spoiled her the best I could. She was the best dancer around, even at the tender age of 7. I used to take her to the restaurant and shopping on pay days.

She was only 11 years old when I moved to Cornwall for my air traffic controller course. But she always came to visit where ever I lived over the years. I have missed out on some of her life being away from Montreal. I have missed from my family life quite a bit ever since. Other than buying my uncle's cottage next door to my parent's place and spending weekends at first and the whole summers after I was married.

She grew up to be a beautiful woman, independent and responsible. She had a great career in the clothing industry for most of her life. She still loved to go to dress up parties and dance til morning. Her creativity was apparent in every detail of her life between the sewing and painting. She was such a generous person always helping her friends when they were in need. She became my daughter's godmother in 1991.

Ten years ago she met her fiancée, Stephane Richer. They were to marry August 15 2020. She made Jim and I very happy by asking me to be the officiant and Jim to walk her down the isle, we will never forget the feeling of pride and happiness you gave us that day.

Siamo noi siempre noi... We are US always US, until we meet again ciao little one

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