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And they're HERE!............

Our first''family'' dinner! I know one person is hard to see with this big sun over her face, it was done on purpose. Not wanting her pics on facebook or other. These are the first of our family and/or friends to join us in Fuengirola. There is much more to come. We went for supper at Casa Pasta. Most of us were very happy with our choices. I had ribs in a molasse sauce, it was delicious. Here they call molasse canne honey. they use it in some meals, one in particular the

Berenjenas fritas con miel, deep fried eggplant with a drizzle of molasse. It is surprizingly delicious.

We went and pick up our painting, I also took pictures of other of Rozalina Goudot's work. Here she is with me.

Ok Jim is waiting for me so I will end it here, I might come back sooner lol

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