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An invasion in my garden!

Everyone who knows me, knows that I love being in my garden. Summertime it brings me beauty and delicious fruits and vegetables. It brings birds of all species. I have a small pond and a little running ''creek'' created with the soil removed to allow from the pond basin. water is brought up to the top from under the soil and runs back down to the pond. This where birds come for their baths. The little ''river'' is shallow enough for them to stand right in its bed.

The garden is a lot of work but I usually enjoy working in it. A little less every year now lol.

Anyways, I have had a plant called Gout weed, behind the lilac at the back of the pond. I controlled it from invading the front of the pond and my vegetable garden for years. Well I lost the battle last year. Sooo I promised myself to go to war this spring, and to war I went!

All of this beautiful area was covered with Gout weed. SO I took on to remove every inch of soil and get rid of the plants I didn't want and try to salvage the one that were choked by the weed. It is a pretty plant but...

It even flowers in mid-summer, with a flower resembling queen Ann's lace. It grows very well in the shade. Actually it grows too well any bloody spot in a garden, even the shadiest!

This picture of me shows the innocence of the work at hand. See I haven't taken up such a tasks for years now. I forgot I was 63, and kneeling all day was not something I should do, specially at my size. The second one, is the fruit of my effort at the end of day two...

I moved, in four days, 4 of these carts to the compost pile. you are looking at the roots in the second picture. the last picture is the end of day four. Nature is giving me a break with a few days of rain. I am certain I will be very happy with the work I have put in this summer and will quickly forget the aches and pains of it all. It was good to talk to you again! Cheers

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01 de mai. de 2020

When this is all over maybe we can meet in your yard and have a drink. I would love to see it!

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