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A day in Torremolinos? Don't mind if I do!!

Another day in paradise, This morning we walked to meet Nancy and Yves for churros (deep fried pastry) and chocolate. Marlene decided to come with us. Their place is a little more than 5,000 steps from here. Marlene felt like going to visit Torremolinos today. It is a seaside little town near Malaga at about 30 minutes by train from here. One thing another we ended up going just the two of us. Jim had good soccer games on. I was a beautiful day. When you get off the train you can actually see the sea, but to access it you have to walk down a maze of steps, taking you slowly down to the sea.

We stopped for lunch, and coming back to the train we had an Italian ice-cream cone. We decided to grab the train to come back. We didn't think we had walked down so many stairs. They weren't so bad going down. going back up was a different story! All in all, Torremolinos is a little bigger than Fuengirola, overcrowded by little shops and restaurant. Their beach is also very nice. Deeper than ours. when we got to the square for the train, guided by google thank you very much we had to ask for directions. We were pointed to this rusted metal box. Would YOU have guessed this was the train station?

I came home at 5pm exhausted after a 15,405 steps day. I went for a 60 minutes nap, we had planned to play cards tonight. Only to find out that nobody was coming. I had made a great cabbage soup yesterday, so that was my supper, even if you would have paid me to walk to supper, I would not have made one step further lol, Jim is at the corner bar for another soccer game. This is how I spent another beautiful day in paradise.

Hasta Manana!

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Linda Wilkinson
Linda Wilkinson
Feb 17

Wow you did a lot of steps today. I'm making shrimp Alfredo for dinner for All of us. We all love it and the shrimp here are huge and not a horrible price. 11 huge shrimp each for less than $5 each. Les and Jim both like soccer ⚽. Les watched his English home town team this morning, while I went for my early morning walk. Keep having many adventures.

Feb 18
Replying to

Wow that is a good price for shrimps. It is about what I pay here for shrimps, we love it. It sounds like you are having a lot of fun. Time flies, we already have been here for more than a month, less than two left! Ouch. Going on a couple of side trips. Exciting! Talk to you soon. Cheers, by the way thanks for reading me.

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